Friday, October 30, 2009

Tofino Sensation PT is on a mission - Quarter Finals Tomorrow

What a day.Once again organizers had some tuff surf to deal with.Conditions were not epic but surfers did show some great surfing skills battling on 3 foot messy surfing at North Chestermans beach.In the beginning the surf was a bit messy but some waves did show some great potential and high scores were surferd.
The comp started at 9ish with heat number 6 at round of 24.Glenn Hall had an outstanding performance on his heat against Blake Torton.Glenn kept busy and scored an amazing 9.5 and 8.5 with some solid turns to advance into the quarters.Our Local surfer Pete Devries came against Joan Duru from France.Pete performed really well leaving Joan needing a 7.5 at the end.Joan is already qualified for the world tour next year.He had an outstanding performance in wct event this year in France taking names like 9x world champ Kelly slater and Joel Parkinson.
Tomorrow we will have quarters,semis and the final.Hopefully the surf will be good and Pete will keep advancing all the way into the final.
Pete is on heat number 2 against outstanding surfer Glen hall from Ireland.
We are hoping for Petes win.It will be a tuff heat,but i still have all my money on Pete.


Christian "careca" Moutinho.


  1. tu tá mó reporter hein hahahaha. Vou bota meu money no Pete também. Aposta ae pra mim hahaha. Valeu Careca Blogger!
    Abrao! Vinicius

  2. Que é isso! De fanfarrão a jornalista que upgrade!
    Parabens pelo blog.
    Um abraço,