Sunday, October 25, 2009

First day at Oneill cold water Canada

7:15 Marc Fuller(event coordinator),woked me up to get ready for a long day at the beach.

By 8:00 we knew the comp was going to be held at Cox bay.Conditions were good for a contest and the weather,guess what?Rain off course but not too bad.

Lots of great surfers and people came to watch the show.

Local Canadian Pete Devries had an outstanding heat where he pulled one single gigantic air to get the local crowd going and also make his way into the next phase.Sepp(local surfer)also made his way into the next round.Shannon Brown(Ozzie,living in Tofino),had some great waves and also advanced to the next round.Unfortunatelly some of the other local surfers involved did not make throgh but did show some great surfing.

It was a rainy and cold day,specially for the ones that had to be at the beach all day like me.

Waves were good and contestable all day,but after 18 / 25 minutes heats, contest director Matt Wilson decided with head judge to call the day off.The surf was from 3 to 5 feet sets and offshore winds making some riders pull in and out of some great barrels at Cox Bay beach break.

Today it was fun and tomorrow we will have some more surfing and rain.Hopefully organizers keep running the contest,otherwise will be a lay day.

Thanks for reading and i will come back with some more info tomorrow.

Stay tuned,

Christian "Careca" Moutinho.

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