Thursday, October 22, 2009

Oneill Coldwater Classic in Canada.

Thats right,Canada.
Oneill is having a 6 star WQS in Tofino Canada.
I woke up this morning and had to do a lot of different things.
Started on the phone , had some breakfast and checked the bouys at Neah bay.The surf looked pretty fun,but unfortunately i am still out of the water.So, for now i am just waiting to hear from my friends how sick it was and off course they will say it is even better than what it was.
At least the winter swell is showing up and the guys from Oneill will have plenty of surf to run a good event.
Lots of good surfers are coming from all over the world to try a spot in the WCT next year.From here Oneill move to Santa Cruz and also the whole crew of surfers to fight for some more points and money to qualify for the WCT.
I am heading up tomorrow to hang out and work for Oneill.It will be good to see some of my friends up there and be able to judge the trials in the contest.
Rip Curl Canada crew will be up there as well.Good crew to hang out with.
I am bringuing my camera and will snap some shots of whats going on in places that only VIP have access to.I will bring you guys some cool shots of the surf and the crew involved.

Wait and see.


Chris "Careca" Moutinho

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