Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just got started

Travelling arround the world and meeting new people is something I get to do a few times a year.
Surfing,cooking,yard maintanance,personal training,working out,house work,taking care of my son,riding my bike to get to places,skateboarding,hanging out with my family,training,working,travelling,internet surfing,sleeping,planning trips,jumping in and out of airplanes to exotic locations,surfing the world's best waves and my hometown cold water surf are also in my everyday life.
How I do all that and more and still have time to breath?I am not sure,but sometimes I ask myself the same question.
Life is full of great things and one of them is doing what you love and working with what you enjoy and be paid to do that.If the fun or excitment is not there you might as well do something else and quit what you are doing.
So, have fun and enjoy everyday in your life,like is the last day of your life.
Family and friends are like gold.Make sure to treat them well.
Anyway,too much writing - from now one I will be posting some exciting things that happen in my life to share with the world.


Chris "careca "Moutinho.


  1. Já tem um seguidor Chris. Good Luck and Take Care. Mande Beijos para Julian e Carol.
    abração, Xandi e Flavia

  2. Good stuff, this surf life is indeed incredible. Love the Tahitian footage.
    -Joseph A.