Thursday, October 29, 2009

Devries fighting for some milk at CWC.

Once again the contest was on.Started with some small waves in the am after a second call was confirmed at 9:30.Conditions were small but still contestable.
Pete Devries and our Ozzie friend Shannon Brown were still in the comp.A local crowd came down to Cox Bay to cheer for Pete and Shannon.Devies demolished the small waves at Cox bay showing how it is done.I did mention that Devries was going to do that in my last posting.Shannon did not have the smae luck but he was pretty close to advance and as i said before only 50% of the 4 man heat advanced to the next round.After that lots of heats went down and once again the local crowd showed up to watch Devries against Glen Hall and Brian Toth.Glen surfed really good and came first followed by Devries in second making into the next round.I can see a very inspired Pete and all my money is on him right now.
This guy is one of the best surfers in the world in the conditions we have and an amazing person.It will be sweet to see a Canadian winning and having it all at home.Baby Devries is on the way and a 20.000$ prize money would pay for lots of powder milk,diapers and baby food.
Lets see what happens tomorrow.
It was a great day and hopefully another great one for tomorrow.


Christian "Careca" Moutinho.

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