Saturday, October 24, 2009

A day with Noah Cohen at the Oneill cold water Classic.

I met Noah a few years ago.Nice kid with a lot of energy.I remembered surfing with him at Cox bay and he was looking at me and wondering who i was.I finally approched him and start to chat about surfing and etc.

Since that first day I knew that he was going to go far and surprise a lot of people with his nice attitude and progressive surfing.

Anyway,i just got the LBL and had breakfast,i looked to my left and there is Noah giving an interview to some lady.All media and surfers were hanguing out and checking the surf from the main lobby area at LBL.I came over to Noah and gave him a big hug.After a few minutes the kid was free as a bird and also lost in the middle of all cameras and people that were checking in and showing up for the event(all members of oneill are staying at LBL).

I grabbed a coffee and started to walk outside with Noah when Jer(Photographer) told Noah that they were going to get some pics at a local spot in Tofino.We headed to the beach and so did this other van with some big ass cameras and a camera crew.

When we got there we checked the surf and conditions were quite fun.Noah suited up and the camera guys folowed him to the beach.He looked at me and laughed .I was stoked to see that this one kid I saw surfing at Cox bay back in the day was making some progression and living the life of a pro surfer.

At the beach lots of great surfers,cameras and people watching some great surf action.

Tonight is the first night and all media,surfers and staff are meeting for an introduction meeting at LBL.

I am pretty sure the contest will start tomorrow and plenty of swell is on the way.

Check in tomorrow for some more news and pics of the contest and surfers.


Chris "Careca" Moutinho.

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