Sunday, July 4, 2010

I am Back and You ???

So, it has being a while since I last wrote on my blog. Lots of things happening since my last trip to Brazil...

I had a few days home and had to pack my bags again and head to Indo where i met some friends,traveled to some really fun locations,surfed amazing waves,met some new people and did a lot of car,boat and small airplane rides all over the country.

The first league of the trip I had some super fun waves at Nias Island and also got to explore a few new breaks around town by scooter. Lagundi bay was crowded but when the wave was on and the swell was pumping everyone had their chance to score some amazing rides.

With the help of a few hints from locals, we found some really good waves and had the rare chance to surf by ourselves. 14 days went by and I had to leave with my bud Keegan and Leah to the Mentawaii Islands where we were going to meet a few friends and be part of a trip that was going to be featured for SBC surf magazine.Left Nias with a really good vibe and jumped back on a plane to Medan,Kuala Lumpur,Jakarta and finally arrived in Padang.

Well, after many long hours, we met some guys that were going to join us on the Mentawaii trip.Almost everyone arrived except for Andrew.

After a few hours, his flight got in Padang on time for all of us to get picked up from the airport and droped off at the ferry that would take us to Mentawaii.
Overnight ferry ride, super nice and smooth.We all had ac cabins which made for a good night of sleep.

Getting onto the island we got picked up by the hotel boat and the rest of the story you should check on SBCsurf mag(summer 2010 issue).

Anyway, back from Indo,the Rip Curl Stew was on, I was totally jet legged but was ready to help Rip Curl to put a nice surf comp/party for the weekend.

The battle was good beetween all surfers and as always some upsets and some under dogs made it quite far.

It was a nice weekend with some great vibes.

Well, now I am home with my family,working on new projects,doing surf lessons in Tofino,surfing small waves when I can and already looking forward to the fall/winter when we will be getting some good swell.

A jet ski might be in my plans so I can do missions to some crazy places right close to home and have it all on camera.I called a few guys and if you read this article and know of a good jet ski please let me know.

See you guys in the water or somewhere in the world soon.


Christian Careca Moutinho.

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