Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Are we Lucky???

It has being a really good season in my eyes.After being back from Hawaii and scoring one of the best and big wave season in the North Shore, the surf on Vancouver Island has also being amazing.Two weeks ago i saw a great swell coming and did not believe that the waves were going to be as good as they were.Woke up early,got my son ready and convinced my wife to come and watch,so this way i could have a good family day at the beach on a saturday.We all drove to the waves and getting there it was the biggest i have seing on the points in a long time.Saw some friends and decided to make the call on where to surf after hearing my good friend Andrew stokeness about the waves he scored at one of the breaks that morning.Drove a few more minutes and did not check the spot we were about to surf.It was a warm and sunny day in our canadian winter.I jumped in my new Rip Curl suit and hiked down the beach to check the waves.The view i had was amazing, a nice overhead wave peeling down the reef was enough to get me super excited.It was a long day of surfing and hanguing out at the beach.Surfed something close to 10 really good barrels followed by some super fun turns.
It is not every day that we have waves like this,but the last 2 weeks have being amazing, and i just looked at the forecast again and the smallest day is a 14 foot swell.I am getting my new Sitka boards ready to go because this is probably going to be one of the best weeks of the year.
Some people say they are lucky,others just go with the flow,but i would say i am a lucky guy that get to do what I love.


Thanks to: Rip Curl,Sitka Surfboards,Power Balance and Electric.