Sunday, April 4, 2010

RC Wetsuits,cold water, Sitka boards,PB and more...

It has been a good week.I have being trying to work and surf as much as possible.Well, surfing is also work and this week has being a long day at the office.Starting last monday waves were quite fun and stayed really good until thursday.For sure wednesday was the best day of all days I had this season or maybe in the top 3. Wednesday,I arrived at the beach around 10:30 and waves were getting bigger and better until the last light in the sky.Considering that we are at the end of our surfing season, this week was the best of all for sure.It was great to test some gear that was sent from Rip Curl and also some new boards that i got from Sitka.Surfed with some new gear that Rip Curl is developing to serve us with the latest wetsuit technology and warmth in the frigid waters of Canada,oh well they already do that but i mean even better stuff.Some really interesting material and technology makes me think that people will start thinking more and more about exploring this side of the world.This one wetsuit I have is thinner than normal and so flexible that surfing real cold water like we have up here it is definetely not an issue at all and more like a pleasure to be able to enjoy surfing and nature in some remote areas on the west coast of Canada. I also was pretty stoked to try out some new boards I have.I have being working on my perfect board for a few years and got some dimensions that i am pretty happy with.I decided to change the wide point of my boards, abit of the bottom concave and also the rails and they are working really good.This last week was just amazing surf.Conditions were awesome every day helping me to try out all this new gear. Life is good and in the next few weeks there is a lot more to be done.
Going to Brazil in 2 days,then back to Canada for a week and finally surf some perfect waves in Indonesia.


Thanks to:

Rip Curl,sitka Surfboards,Electric eyewear and Power Balance.


Christian "careca" Moutinho.