Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hawaii still pumping.

Oh man, this place is incredible for waves.I arrived a while back and since the first day the waves are pumping.First I surfed in Oahu some great waves.All the famous waves were breaking everyday and the crowd is always a factor.Here you have to show some atitude to get the waves you want to go for.Surfed Pipe,Backdoor,Phantons,Haleiwa and a few waves later on in Maui that blew my mind.

After surfing some heavy waves on the North shore i flew to Maui for a few days to see my family and a few friends.We had a lot of fun and surfed some amazing Honolua bay.Julian(My son)surfed his first wave and it was a blast.Carol Anne(My wife was stoked to try paddle boarding and also to surf some good waves on a place called sandbar,which now is her favorite surf spot,i think,hehehe...she ripped there.

We did everything we could in Maui and a bit of sightseing.

Surfing was an everyday thing and even more now since our little guy Julian got the stoke for it.

Maui is an awesome place and if the waves are pumping it is a good place to go surfing and hang out.There are many surf spots that people have no idea about it.

We are planning to go back one day and surf some more,watch some beautifull sunsets,eat some good food and do nothing.

After a great week with the family and friends in Maui I returned to the North Shore of Oahu and the waves were pumping again.

Some days over here you ask for smaller waves but Mother Ocean keeps sending some swells our way,which in a sense is good.

I have a few more days on the Island and will go back home to Canada to see some of my good friends,surf some cold water and see my favorite people,My Family.

Have a great time you guys and thanks for reading.


Chris Careca Moutinho.

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