Sunday, November 8, 2009

We do what we can...

Since the Oneill cold water classic competition i havent done too much.I mean,i have being doing lots but whenever you are doing things you enjoy it seems that you did not do too much.
Anyway, havent surfed in a while and last friday i taught it would be good to go out and try to get some waves.It was messy and windy at this spot i surfed ,but it was good to see some real swell rolling in and be back in a water again.I could not surf as i normally do,due to a shoulder injury that happened a month ago when i got hit by a car riding my bike to the gym.
After that me and my friend Keegan decided to leave and go home.We were both super hungry,because my lovely beagle ate our breakfast when we were outside the car checking the waves at JR.Oh man that dog is fast,she ate 2 baggles in a few seconds and did not leave anything behind to tell the story.
We stoped at this other spot and the waves were looking pretty good.I decided to stay and find a ride home while Keegan kept going.I suited up and went back in the water.Got some great waves and felt a little bit better but not even close to what i normally surf.At least i was in the water again.
Since, i want to do a few more things that only money permits me to i decided to get a side job painting windows for shops and other few places with my good buddy Mario Labonte( money is good and the work is pretty sweet.Check the pic i posted on this article and let me know what do you think.
I am tired of writing and will watch some tv and dry my wetsuits so i can go for a full day of surfing tomorrow.


Christian Careca Moutinho.

check: - Artist Mario Labonte

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