Sunday, November 29, 2009

A rainy afternoon with waves.

Thats right.Today is Sunday and i am by myself, since my wife left to Toronto for a week.Me and my son Julian are and will become great friends.We seem to get along pretty good hehehhe.
Anyway, today the surf was pretty good i heard,but when you dont have family around,the wife is away and all your friends are living their life,you will have to hang with your son and not go surfing.Thats ok,i have plenty of time to get waves and Julian is a lot of fun and keep me super busy.
You know here in Canada if it is 2 foot people say it was overhead,so not too worried,hehehe.I am sure it was great.
Every year I go traveling for work or pleasure and end with my passport full of stamps.Next year wont be different.
2 years ago I had a great time in Indonesia with Noah,Leah and Dean Azim(Photographer).We surfed some great waves and had a lot of fun around Bali and a few other Islands.This trip was for a Canadian Magazine SBCsurf( and apparentely we will go on another trip pretty soon but this time to the Mentawaii Islands.
In the meantime i will surf some fun swells on the Island and wait for my trip to Hawaii that it is coming real fast.
Surfing in Canada is a mission and you must love surfing.Living on the south Vancouver Island you depend on your car 100% and the surf is at least 40 minutes away from home.But, when the surf is good,the drive is totally worth it.
The weather is a bit better now and Julian is sleeping,so i might go and make myself some food while i have some time.
Attached are a few pics of my last trip to Indo.I hope you guys enjoy.
Have fun in the surf and dont think you are too cool because there is always someone better than you out there.


Chris "Careca" Moutinho.

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